Tune-Up & Optimization -Get your computer running just like the "good ol' days".

Tune-Up & Optimization -Get your computer running just like the "good ol' days".

Tune-Up & Optimization -Get your computer running just like the "good ol' days".

Tune-Up & Optimization -Get your computer running just like the "good ol' days".


Tune-Up & Optimization – Get your computer running just like the “good ol’ days”. Over time computers slow down due to hardware, malware, and software issues that develop while using your computer. Our technicians can clean up and repair all the issues that can cause your computer to slow to a crawl. If your computer is not performing like it used to come see The People’s Geek.

Virus/Malware Removal- The internet is latent with malware code that can steal your identity, track your surfing habits, and damage your operating system in more ways than possibly imaginable. Pop ups? Weird websites showing up? Slowness? These are issues that are common with malware infection. Even if things are running fine you could have spyware recording everything you are doing with no warnings. If you find yourself a victim of Virus/Malware infection give us a call, The People’s Geek to the rescue!

Data Recovery – I JUST DELETED MY FILES!!! We’re all human, you’re not alone when you find yourself in this situation. Whether you are dealing with a physically dying hard drive, or have accidentally deleted things that you need, The People’s Geek can recover your files before you can say “What did I do!”

Operating System Installation – N/A


Hardware Repair

Sometimes old hardware just needs to be replaced, or even upgraded to get your computer running its best. Call us for an estimate and quick service!

What we do

We provide IT, networking, & PC services to southern Maine, and the greater Portland Area. Whether you are a small business needing our full range of services, or just need your computer repaired our staff can meet your needs. We are located in Portland Maine, and our skilled, friendly, and professional technicians can help with just about every IT headache you can imagine.

Your computer might just need a tune-up to make it work like it did the day you bought it. Our geeks will diagnose your computer and give it the attention it deserves. Every computer repair comes with a 7-day warranty on that repair. Rest assured that I’m not happy until your computer is!


Our geeks will disable any unnecessary startup programs. The more programs that need to start when the computer boots up, the longer it takes before you can start your tasks. This also helps the program you are using run smoother because your computer is not trying to do things in the background.


Sometimes security features in your browsers may become disabled through daily use with your knowledge. Our geeks will check the browser’s configuration to make sure it is a secure as Fort Knox.
Remove unwanted or trial programs — If you bought a computer from a brick-and-mortar store, chances are it came with trial programs that are taking up space on your computer. We will remove any trial or unwanted programs to keep you clutter-free.


Just like you go to the doctor’s for a check-up, your computer needs to be inspected as well to make sure all of the pieces are still in working order. Our team will inspect the hardware and software in the computer and recommend any preventative maintenance so that you don’t get stuck with a dead machine or lost data.


Our geeks will install antivirus and anti-malware software to keep see if the bad guys are there. Even if you use Antivirus nothing is %100; we make sure!


You wouldn’t go jogging in a full-body sweatsuit on a 90` day, so why should your computer do it? As dust builds up on the inside of the computer it can’t remove enough heat, and it starts to lose efficiency or even shut down to prevent damage to hardware components. We clean out your computer allowing air to flow through keep components cool and keeping everyone happy.


The registry is your computer’s database. Every now and then your computer might get something wrong and add something to the registry that is not correct, or a program that was removed might still have entries in the registry. Every error in the registry must be checked by the computer slowing down the overall performance of the computer. Our geeks will scan and fix any registry errors, making sure your computer runs at peak performance.

About Geek

The People’s Geek began with one thing in mind… Have fun, be honest, and give the best bang for the buck possible! I strive to be sure you will never want to get your IT services anywhere else. Located in Portland Maine, we are a local computer repair shop that is intent on outperforming the big box computer repair giants.

Meet The Geeks
Joshua Dickson – Super Hero
We’ve all heard the sage advice…make your passion your profession. Fortunately for those of us with computer needs, Josh Dickson followed the advice and after extensive education and experience opened The People’s Geek in June of 2011.

What Our customers say


“These guys are awesome! My four year old started clicking on things on my laptop and next thing I know my computer is locked up with a screen blaring at me telling me to call some 800 number. I called and they told me it was a well known virus and to bring it in. The next day it was ready and the price was very reasonable. They are life savers, I wouldn't call anyone else!”


“I have worked with Josh and Ben for the past year and they are AMAZING! They have set me up virtually so that I can work anywhere. They are brilliant technicians, accommodating, fast and always there when I need them. I highly recommend their services and have referred many customers to them who find them equally amazing! Thank you Ben and Josh for being my star geeks!”


“I have used the People's Geek for all my computer needs for many years. Recently, I needed a new work laptop. I asked them to purchase one for me and migrate all my work and personal files to the new computer. All went well and I was able to start work immediately on my new laptop! Josh is ALWAYS very responsive and has saved me a lot of time and stress when my computer is not working properly. I highly recommend The People's Geek!”


We inquired about an issue and about less than an hour Josh came out to help us out. Not only was he professional and pleasure to work with, he fixed our issue in a timely manner and gave us tips for the future. We so recommend Josh and The People's Geek.Thank you so much.


Ben and Justin at The People's Geek are truly amazing at what they do. Professional, personable, incredibly knowledge and both were more than willing to go above and beyond in helping me with all my tech needs. Can't recommend them and The People's Geek enough. Thank you both of you!


Ben and his team are absolutely amazing! He has saved the day multiple times, and has gone above and beyond when I have referred him to 2 of my family members!. If you have any computer, internet or security questions he is your go-to guy!"


The People's Geek are fast and efficient. When my office computer went down they had it back running the next day. My two boy's got lap tops for x-mass and for their safety and our peace of mind The People's Geek put child safety software in and passwords so we could be sure they was only on the allowed sites we approved. Thanks Ben great job.


Cannot believe how fast Josh got me up and running on a new laptop. All done remotely. Two hours was all it took. While items were installing he assisted me with two other PC issues. GREAT SERVICE and GREAT VALUE.


The Peoples Geek is outstanding to work with. They have solved every problem presented and also saved us money on any new equipment purchased. Josh is very responsive to any request. Have told many friends who have used them and they report back either a positive satisfied report.


On a couple different occasions I had significant system failure and during critical moments for my company. The People's Geek understood the critical nature of the situation, were extremely knowledgeable, and able to quickly get me back in action. I appreciated the entire experience!