2014’s Top Rated Antivirus Products

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And the winners are…This year’s round of antivirus testing* shuffled around some of the big name companies to make way for the top paid and free antivirus products. These three antivirus products are the highest rated in three categories; Security, System performance, and User interface Usability.

Kaspersky: Internet Security 2014 and Bitdefender:Internet Security 2014 both rated 6 out of 6 stars in all three categories. (Don’t ask us why they chose to rate them with 6 stars instead of 5 or 10). For free anti-virus Panda Security: Cloud Antivirus Free topped the charts with 6 stars in Security and User interface and 3.5 stars in System performance.

Bitdefender showed 100% blocking of incoming 0-day malware, email, and website viruses! It also only had 3 false positive detections of legitimate software in over 700,000 programs tested. Some of the features are included are: SafePay(keeps credit card and banking information safe), Parental Controls, and AutoPilot(allows you to watch movies/run programs without slowing down your computer)

Kaspersky had the same amazing 100% block of malware, email, and website viruses. It only had 1 false positive in over 700,000 programs. There are a wide array of features including spam and banner blocking, two way firewall protection, and instant file checking(to make sure you’re not downloading a virus).

Panda had a 99% malware, email, and website protection. The only knock against this is that it slows some systems down when downloading, loading websites, running programs, etc. For something that you don’t have to pay for you can’t ask for a better product.

The best antivirus products change yearly as antivirus companies upgrade their products. The next time you go to renew your antivirus subscription remember to find out how your antivirus rates against other products.

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*These results are compiled from an independent Institute called AV-TEST and are in no way affiliated with The People’s Geek.

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